Getting Your Finished Games From the Production Facility to your Final Destination




Timely manufacturing of your hit game is important, but if you don’t handle the final shipping correctly your customers may not receive their games on time. GPI is well versed in getting your games from the factory to their final destination worldwide. We can arrange and handle the shipping of your games using our partner carriers and network of service providers.

Most goods ship via ocean since it is more cost effective than shipping via air. Most goods ship via FCL (Full Container Load), loaded into a dedicated ocean container at the factory, trucked to the ocean terminal and finally loaded onto the vessel for shipment. If your final quantity of games does not fill a dedicated container, goods would be sent via LCL (Less than Container Load) service where they are consolidated in a container with other goods destined the same location.  Ocean shipping from Hong Kong to a Western U.S. port takes between 12-16 days, another 7-10 days depending on final inland destination. Shipping from Hong Kong to an Eastern U.S. port takes between 29-34 days, another 5-9 days depending on final inland destination. Shipping from Hong Kong to a European port can take between 30-40 days depending on location.

GPI has the ability to handle the entire shipping process for you; arranging freight to the most timely/cost effective schedule, monitoring the shipment for updates while in transit, clearing goods through Customs, on through delivery by truck to the final destination warehouse. You don’t need to fill out any complicated forms or worry about obtaining bonds or insurance, it’s all included in the single cost for shipping we provide.