Are You Too Emotionally Attached To Your Product?
September 12, 2019

You may ask how can that be possible to be too emotionally attached to my product?  Haven’t we all been told time and time again that no one will believe in your product like you will?  That your passion is an asset to helping your product rise to success.  Well, that’s true, you do need to be your product’s best advocate and its biggest supporter, which will help you tremendously in your sales pitches and in its marketing.  However, being an advocate and a believer doesn’t mean you lose objectivity, you must retain the ability to see your products strengths and weaknesses in order to come to market with the best possible product.  Being too emotional means your decisions are going to be based on just that, your emotions and that can work against you.

Many companies rely, and should, on outside, impartial feedback on their products.  Imagine a group of consumers looking at your product, analyzing it, telling why they would or wouldn’t buy it, what they like and don’t like about it – now if you are making emotion based decisions, you no doubt, are going to love their positive comments but you will also be personally offended by their negative feedback and likely want to dismiss their views because they obviously don’t know what they are talking about.  Objectivity will allow you to analyze their feedback and determine what changes are warranted and which aren’t based on that feedback.  And then move onto the production stage of the process.

How do you remain objective in your evaluation process?

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