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It started as a game.

Actually, it all started with games. When Grand Prix International (GPI) was founded in 1978, its owner, John Fisher, had just finished a career stint at Milton Bradley Company. He wanted to help more people bring their game ideas to life—without needing technical experience in materials, project management, or custom manufacturing.

Over the next several decades, GPI established itself as a major player in the toy and game industry, all from its unassuming headquarters in Springfield, MA. When John was ready to retire in 1999, his son, Michael, happily took control of the business. GPI remains a family-owned company today.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, Michael decided to expand GPI’s services to support a broader range of clients in search of manufacturing services. He saw firsthand how challenges with supply chains, communications with overseas suppliers, and logistics could derail timelines, budgets, and product quality. He knew GPI’s comprehensive approach and longstanding manufacturing partnerships could help solve these problems.

Today, GPI serves small and medium-sized companies seeking holistic manufacturing solutions, fully managed for them, at a reasonable price. If you’d like to learn more about working with GPI, we’d love to connect with you!

GPI office with wooden cubicles
GPI office with wooden cubicles
GPI office with wooden cubicles

Meet The GPI Team

Our manufacturing consultants are experienced, expert, and always focused on the details. The team at Grand Prix International has been helping clients with their custom manufacturing needs for over 40 years.

Unlocking Success Together

Why Work with GPI?

Manufacturing products overseas can be a hassle and a headache. You need expertise in project management, manufacturing, sourcing, and logistics—not to mention product safety testing, freight forwarding, and international relations. When you partner with GPI, you’re getting a team with the full capabilities to deliver excellent products at a reasonable price.

We take a holistic approach, understanding our customers’ companies and products in order to provide the best service. We ensure accurate specifications, quality materials, comprehensive product inspections, and smooth logistics from manufacturing through delivery.

Our method mitigates the risks traditionally associated with overseas manufacturing. We’ve built a curated network of factory partners who provide top-quality manufacturing services, on time and on budget. We maintain personal relationships with our partners and regularly visit their factories to verify their processes meet your requirements—and our high standards.

Choose GPI if you want an experienced partner who provides quality product manufacturing and will manage your project every step of the way.

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