Company Culture

Evenly split between industry veterans with 15+ years of experience and a new generation of twenty-somethings eager to make their mark on the world, the GPI team consists of unique personalities united by a passion to make great things and provide great service. Our hybrid in-office/remote work policy provides flexibility and work/life balance while encouraging productivity and efficiency in whatever environment fosters the best performance from each individual. We are a team of uniques: bookworms, bakers, triathletes, musicians, golfers, gamers, artists, and smoked meats enthusiasts united by our acceptance of one another’s individuality.

Core Values

All employees, whether they work in accounting, logistics, product development, or manufacturing, strive to embody the following qualities:

  1. Take Initiative
  2. Go Above and Beyond
  3. Have a Positive Attitude and Approach
  4. Be Willing to Learn and Teach
  5. Be Part of the Team
Although it’s true that there are days in the office when we feel like Tom Hanks in BIG, we never, ever lose sight of the fact that we are here to make our clients’ lives easier, even if that means ours get harder in the short term. Customer service always comes first.

Supporting Our Communities

GPI has supported a number of local nonprofits and national charities over the years, all of which have had meaningful connections to our employees. In addition to regular donations to The Toy Bank year after year, GPI has also been a long-time supporter of MaryAnne’s Kids and the Center for Human Development as well as The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease Research. In 2019, GPI president Michael Fisher also founded The Roachy Fund, a scholarship program in memory of our friend, colleague & VP of Product Development, Alan Roach.

Work Environment

Located in a refurbished textile mill in Springfield, Massachusetts, our home office has a floor plan designed to encourage collaboration and teamwork. Always professional but never corporate, the converted industrial space provides privacy and quiet spaces for independent work that requires focus, yet also fosters interaction and jocularity for more creative assignments.


GPI provides health insurance, dental, vision, and 401K contributions as well as paid time off & flex time. Supplemental benefits are also available such as short-term & long-term disability income, cancer, accident, critical care, and life insurance. As if working in the toy and game industry wasn’t fun enough already, we also have an espresso maker, hot dog roller, and popcorn machine. I know. It’s crazy.

Industry Involvement

Laying low behind the scenes for over 40 years doesn’t mean we’re not involved. We (either our company or someone from the team) are members of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association  (ASTRA), Women in Toys (WIT), Game Manufacturers Association  (GAMA), Toy Association’s Young Professionals Network (YPN),  People of Play (POP), and regularly contribute op-eps and trade publication think pieces to The Toy Book.

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