GPI has provided custom manufacturing and product sourcing services to our customers around the world for over 40 years. In 2018 our sister company, The Haywire Group, was sold. However, GPI retained all the Haywire employees seeing the sale as an opportunity to retain the talent and expertise of people who knew and understood the toy & game industry and who could see things from our clients’ perspectives. Now our services are broader than ever. We’ve added Design & Development, Graphic Design, Playtesting, and Consulting to the existing Manufacturing, Safety Testing, and Freight/Logistics services that we have always been known for. Our focus remains on exceptional customer service and communication. We are your partners throughout the process, delivering high-quality products on schedule and at a reasonable price while educating and advising customers from the idea stage to market. We take the headaches out of overseas manufacturing and allow you to do what you do best: create.

Who We Work With

Our client base includes mid-size companies, and some of the largest and most established businesses in the industry.

Our typical production minimums are 5,000 units. If you are an existing company with products currently in the market, we’d love to talk to you!

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