Project Management
With decades of experience in preproduction planning,
production scheduling, and logistics, our ability to get products manufactured
as planned, on schedule, and within budget is second to none.

We strive to be much more than just a project manager for your company we will become a member of your team, an advocate for your products and your company. Our goal is to deliver to you a headache-free manufacturing process. With decades of experience in manufacturing, we can provide insight into different manufacturing processes, material options, and creative packaging. We work hard to make sure your products are manufactured as planned, on schedule, and within budget.

If you and your team need help managing your various projects but are committed to working with a specific factory outside of GPI’s network, we can assist you with that too. For a transparent fee, GPI will supplement and support your internal project management workload.

GPI is structured to provide you with multiple touchpoints of expertise throughout the project management process. You’ll also hear from our product safety testing and freight forwarding specialists. And if desired, you can also work with our product development and business development teams.

Please contact us for more information

Bananagrams and GPI have been working together since the inception of our original game! The GPI team has always offered wonderful help and guidance on every level and has never let us down. I am happy to say the relationship has blossomed into many long friendships that I believe we all value very much.

Rena Nathanson

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