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Freight Forwarding Services at GPI

Freight forwarding is a crucial component of global trade. These services ensure your product seamlessly moves from factory to fulfillment center, where it can then make its way to your customers.

Choosing GPI’s freight forwarding services takes the guesswork out of shipping and allows you to concentrate on what to do with your product when it arrives. As experts on air, land, and sea transportation, our freight forwarding specialists will handle every aspect of the process for you, including negotiating rates, coordinating logistics, and navigating customs declarations.

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Types of Freight Forwarding Services

When GPI has partnered with a China or Vietnam manufacturing company to produce your product, our freight forwarding specialists will know exactly how to get it safely from point A to point B.

Depending on your product’s origin and destination, we can handle logistics for:

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Ocean freight

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Air freight

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Truck freight

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Rail freight

For example, if your product was manufactured in China and is set to be warehoused in the United States, we’ll start by coordinating overseas shipping via ocean cargo or air freight. Once your shipment is offloaded and clears customs in the US, we’ll make the most cost and time-effective arrangements to get it to your fulfillment center via truck or rail.  

International Freight Forwarding with GPI

At GPI, we know that the world of international freight forwarding is particularly complex.

When you choose us as your partner, we start by pairing you with our dedicated GPI freight forwarding expert. This specialist will help you navigate shipping terminology, documentation requirements, transit times, product packing options, hidden costs and taxes, and weather, among other variables—all with the aim of moving your inventory safely and efficiently from one country to another.

In addition to connecting you with a freight forwarding specialist, GPI provides the following benefits as part of our international freight forwarding services.

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Import and Export Support – Our Freight Forwarding Process

What is it like to rely on GPI for your freight forwarding needs?

Imagine that, after custom manufacturing, sourcing, and safety testing, your latest product is nearly ready to travel from a factory in China or Vietnam to two separate fulfillment warehouses, one in Los Angeles and the other in New Jersey.

Roughly two weeks before manufacturing is complete, your GPI freight forwarding specialist will begin working with independent freight companies to arrange shipment. During this process, GPI will determine carton quantities together with shipment weights and dimensions, which will allow us to provide you with an overall cost estimate.

Once we’ve agreed on a freight forwarding strategy with you, we’ll make sure that the ports in China and the US have the relevant shipping and customs documents. Then, after your product leaves the factory, we’ll provide you with tracking information and other regular shipping updates until your goods arrive at your warehouses.

FAQs on Freight Forwarding & Shipping Services

How much will it cost to ship my goods?

The cost of shipping your goods will depend on current rates and other cargo factors, many of which are difficult to determine until shortly before shipment occurs. International freight costs are very dynamic and tend to change frequently. Therefore, estimated shipping costs are only accurate approximately two weeks before the manufacturing is completed.

Still, we’ll always offer informed estimates that will help you plan accordingly. Thanks to our partnerships with a number of ocean and air forwarders, we offer particularly competitive shipping rates for specific routes.

Where can my product be shipped?

We can arrange for your goods to be shipped to warehouses and fulfillment centers around the world.

Note that we cannot arrange shipment to residential addresses due to potential location-specific road restrictions on trucks.

What is the difference between FOB (Free On Board) pricing vs. EXW (Ex Works) pricing?

GPI will provide you with a quote for FOB pricing. This refers to the way the goods will be shipped in reference to who is responsible for freight payments.

FOB pricing: your price per unit includes 1 delivery to the nearest Hong Kong/China/Vietnam port and origin fees at port. This is for 1 shipment only.

EXW pricing: unit price does NOT include delivery to port or origin fees. These costs will be passed on to you for each shipment.

How many shipments can my product be split into?

When you work with GPI on end-to-end custom manufacturing, we will default to quoting you on a single delivery of your products to the relevant ocean terminal.

If you need your products split into several shipments, we’re happy to accommodate this request! The sooner we know about these needs in the quoting process, the better, as additional delivery charges might apply.

If you’ve purchased your product under FOB terms, only the first or largest shipment will ship under these terms. Additional shipments will be shipped under EXW shipping terms.

What forms of payment are acceptable?

GPI accepts cash, wire transfer, ACH (direct) deposit, and personal or business checks for payment.

Does GPI offer freight forwarding insurance?

Yes, we do. The cost of insurance is a function of the value of the goods we’re shipping.

What if I’ve partnered with GPI for other manufacturing services but have my own freight forwarder?

No problem! If you prefer to use your own freight forwarder to ship goods manufactured or sourced by GPI, we’ll help arrange the pickup per that freight forwarder’s instructions and communicate closely with the appropriate contacts to ensure smooth delivery.

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