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Product Safety Testing at GPI

When it comes to quality control in manufacturing, product safety testing and factory certifications are essential. These tests guarantee that your products—including their materials and individual components—meet governmental and industry standards in the countries where they will be sold.

Choose GPI for product safety testing to ensure your products, packaging, and labeling all satisfy regulatory and retailer safety guidelines and that your manufacturing partners remain certification compliant—no matter your industry or market.

Product Safety Testing and Factory Certification Requirements

Product safety testing can feel like a daunting task.

First, it’s difficult to keep track of product safety standards and certification requirements, which change regularly and vary by country and industry. In the United States alone, some industries adhere strictly to the Consumer Product Improvement Safety Act (CPSIA) (enforced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC), while others have no mandatory or voluntary product safety standards at all!

Furthermore, safety testing and factory certifications tend to involve detailed technical stipulations that must be followed to ensure consumer products and the materials they use meet certain standards. If you plan to sell a children’s toy in the United States or Europe, for instance, you’ll need tests that certify that it does not contain phthalates of any kind. That means that in addition to knowing the relevant standards for your market, you’ll need to find accredited and capable laboratories to conduct product safety testing.

Why Choose GPI for Product Safety Testing?

When you choose GPI as your product safety testing partner, you’ll gain peace of mind thanks to our global expertise, reliable testing laboratories, comprehensive factory oversight, and transparent communication.

Global expertise icon

Global expertise

With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, GPI knows exactly how to stay informed about safety standards and certifications for industries of all kinds and markets worldwide.

We can collaborate with you to assess which voluntary or mandatory safety standards and certifications exist in the region(s) where your product will be sold. This way, you’ll only pay for the safety testing that you absolutely need.

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State-of-the-art laboratories

After identifying the specific safety testing standards for your product, GPI works with some of the world’s largest independent safety testing laboratories to conduct tests on raw materials, components, and final products. Passing these tests will ensure that customers can trust your brand, including the products you sell and the factories that manufacture them.

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Comprehensive factory oversight

GPI’s unique approach to custom manufacturing means that we have hand-picked and built personal relationships with a tight network of factories around the globe.

Maintaining these relationships helps us to guarantee that our factories 1) use materials and components that will pass testing standards before being introduced into the manufacturing process and 2) achieve and maintain any standards accreditations required by legislation or retailers.

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Transparent communication

Our approach to communicating with suppliers and customers ensures that your product safety testing will run smoothly.

We are well-versed in communicating directly with factory personnel in other countries and coordinating technical testing and certification instructions across teams and cultures.

Once your safety tests are complete, our teams will transmit your results to you in a timely and efficient manner. With offices in the United States and Hong Kong, you can reach us at any time with questions or concerns that may arise.

FAQs on Product Safety Testing

Does my product need safety testing?

Ultimately, any product safety testing your product might require will depend on the regions in which it will be sold. GPI will work closely with you to determine the precise safety tests required for your product and see to it that the testing process runs smoothly.

How long does product safety testing take?

In general, testing your product with one of our independent laboratories can take up to two weeks once that lab has received the product sample(s).

How much does product safety testing cost?

Product safety testing and certification costs depend on the standards your product must meet and the number of tests carried out. Our teams will ensure that you are only paying for the testing you need.

How does GPI’s product safety testing process work?

After verifying the specific safety testing standards that your product falls under, our teams will coordinate with the factory manufacturing your product to provide physical samples to a relevant testing lab.

We also provide that lab with a testing request form, which documents the standards to which your product must be tested. This form often includes material safety data sheets (MSDS) from the factory’s raw material suppliers, which specify the chemical composition of the raw material(s) being used in the manufacturing process.

Once the lab has conducted the tests outlined in the testing request form, we receive a safety testing report detailing whether or not your product and/or raw materials meet the standard(s) in question. GPI then provides these results to you for your records and for any compliance procedures with retail chains or regulatory bodies.

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