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Every company that has successfully brought a product to market knows the importance of product sourcing. Before your great idea can make its way into a customer’s hands, you’ll need to identify the manufacturers and suppliers who can provide you with the right materials and components to bring your product to life.

GPI’s product sourcing services will empower you to do just that—all while keeping your costs low and quality high. As your trusted China or Vietnam sourcing agent, we promise to connect you with reliable factories capable of manufacturing your goods to the most exacting specifications and at a competitive price.

Product Sourcing Services in China and Vietnam

Unlike other product sourcing agents, GPI has the experience and expertise to guarantee a simple and efficient product sourcing journey.

This journey begins when you send us a sample, photo, description, or a simple napkin sketch of the product or component that you have in mind. Once we’ve reviewed it, we’ll be able to determine which factory from our network of suppliers is in the best position to meet your technical specifications and price point while ensuring the highest level of quality.

Why Choose GPI for Your Product Sourcing Needs?

Product sourcing can be a challenging process to navigate effectively. For instance, an inexperienced or careless product sourcing agent might choose a factory that lacks the necessary quality controls or personnel for your project. Oversights like that can result in low-quality components, hidden costs, and production or shipping delays.

Reliable supplier network

At GPI, our 40 years of manufacturing experience have enabled us to develop personal relationships with factories across China and Vietnam. Our Hong Kong office, for example, will know exactly how to source any product, component, or material you may need. We also regularly visit and audit our factory partners around the globe to assess their manufacturing capabilities, standards, and capacity.

Multi-industry expertise

No matter your industry, GPI has the manufacturing and materials knowledge necessary to source your products from reliable suppliers. We have particularly nuanced expertise in sourcing products, components, and materials for the toy and game, housewares, and pet categories.

Holistic sourcing capabilities

In addition to product sourcing, GPI offers custom manufacturing, product safety testing, and freight forwarding services. These capabilities permit us to tailor our product sourcing services to your needs, whether that means developing custom retail packaging for your product, implementing product safety testing, or documenting factory certifications for a specific market.

Unparalleled customer service

From the moment you choose GPI as your product sourcing partner, we’ll be by your side. We’ll keep you up-to-date about prototyping progress, production milestones, and shipping times. Should any issues arise, we’ll communicate them to you and work diligently to resolve them, all in the interest of getting your product manufactured correctly and to market as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps of successful product sourcing?

Successful product sourcing starts with choosing an experienced and trustworthy partner like GPI.

With us in your corner, all you need to do is send us a product sample, photo, description, or a simple napkin sketch of what you have in mind. Whatever the format, we’ll review your idea and determine which supplier from our network will be the best fit. You’ll then receive a sample or prototype with projected costs and timelines based on a range of production quantities. From there, we’ll keep you updated about every important manufacturing milestone and quickly answer any questions you have along the way.

What does GPI do to ensure quality?

Ensuring the quality of products, components, or materials is an important—if complicated—task for product sourcing agents.

At GPI, four decades of experience have taught us exactly what to look for when vetting potential partners. We regularly travel overseas to find factories run by honest people with whom we can build long-term business relationships.

We also make sure that the products we source meet your quality, performance, and environmental expectations by developing and monitoring quality control standards for every factory in our network. These standards adhere to industry-specific criteria developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

How does pricing work for product sourcing?

We can provide you with pricing across a range of potential production quantities. This information will allow you to see the relationship between unit pricing and production volumes and place an order that maximizes your profit margins.

We’ll also provide you with pricing for the complete sourced product—i.e., assembled and packed in shipping cartons—and delivery, including Ex Works (factory pick-up) and FOB port (delivered to port, international export costs included).

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